Community Action Agency
"Helping People Exit Poverty"

Mission: Empowering people to change their lives and exit poverty by
providing vital services and community leadership.

Vision: All people are respected for their infinite worth and are
supported to envision and reach a positive future.

In 1964 President Johnson declared a War on Poverty; and signed the Economic Opportunity Act. This act declared it was the policy of the United States to "eliminate the paradox of poverty in the midst of plenty." As a result Community Actions were established to remove the obstacles and barriers so individuals and families could regain self-sufficiency.

In 1967, YOUR Community Action Agency opened.

Community Action works primarily in Marion and Polk Counties with partner agencies, local leaders, government officials, and other organizations to identify community needs, gather resources, and direct those resources where they will have the greatest impact.

Tri-Partite Board of Directors

Federal regulations require that our board have three sectors of our community represented:
low-income communities, elected officials or their designee, and other segments of the community. All positions represent the graphic areas of Marion and Polk counties.


Jennifer Wheeler, Board Chair
Herm Boes, Vice Chair
Helen Honey, Secretary
Glyn Arko
Nathan McClenny
Erika Lanning
Linda Bednarz
Jon Weiner
Jade Rutledge
Kevin Karvandi

Oscar Lopez, Community Outreach Representative

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