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Call to schedule an appointment.
Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm

Salem Area (503) 588-9016
Outisde Salem Toll-free (866) 299-4216



  • Senior & Disabled individuals: Appointments available beginning October 1
  • General Public: Appointment scheduling begins November 1 and continuing (as funding is available)
  • PGE & Pacific Power Customers: Schedule by phone (503) 588-9016 or toll-free (866) 299-4216 every Monday for appointments Tuesday-Monday
You must bring the following documents that apply to your appointment or your assistance may be delayed:
  Valid legal verification of Social Security Numbers for all household members are strongly encouraged and may be mandatory for some assistance programs (e.g. SS card, FSRN, SS Documentation, etc.)
  Birthdates of everyone in the household and ID for those 18 years and older

Proof of gross income received the full month prior tot he appointment date

Declaration of Personal Income Form ENGLISH
Formulario de Declaración de Ingresos Personales en ESPAÑOL
Income includes, but is not limited to:
    • Gross wages (pay stubs)
    • Self-employment
    • Unemployment benefits
    • Public assistance
    • Social Security benefits
    • Veterans benefits
    • Work-study
    • Child support
    • Adoption assistance
    • Disability benefits
  Household members 18 years and older with zero income will be required to sign a declaration of zero income form
Declaration of Zero Income Form ENGLISH
Formulario de Declaración de Cero Ingresos en ESPAÑOL
  Current heating and electric bill(s) for the current address at which you live (utility account holder must reside in the household and sign utility release if agency needs to confirm account information)
  If the household receives rental assistance, a current subsidized housing statement is needed
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